Advance Blockchain Certification Course IIM Lucknow, Noida campus

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Indian Institute of Management Lucknow,
Noida Campus

Program dates

25th June 2019 - 30th June 2019
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Why Learn Blockchain ?

Today, Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technology among corporates and startups.

Blockchain, a global distributed ledger, cryptographically linked and verified by multiple channels creates a transparent and immutable system building a layer of trust in today’s digital economy. This new age technology has become a key point of interest amongst corporates to bring efficiency in business processes, reduce costs and increase transparency at various levels necessary.

This revolutionary technology has been piloted in major Fortune 500 companies and this is just the initial phase of the exponential expansion curve projected for Blockchain in Enterprise.

  • By the year 2020; Blockchain is expected to be implemented by 56% Healthcare executives
  • By the year 2021; At least 25% of Global 2000 will be using Blockchain as a foundation for digital trust
  • By the year 2022; Over $20 Billions could be saved annually by implementing Blockchain in their infrastructure

Get Your Organisation Ahead Of The Curve

Blockchain is rapidly growing its roots into enterprises and corporates and is projected to grow at an unprecedented rate in the coming times.. Business leaders need to be aware of the advances in this new age technology.

Incorporating Blockchain gives the following benefits:

Necessary transparency
Enhanced security
Increased speed & efficiency
Improved traceability
Cost Effectiveness

In order to determine a company’s future growth strategy and its implementation, it is essential for thought leaders to have hands on knowledge on this evolving technology.

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